Backpack Indoor Mapping at UC-Berkeley

Imagine the possibilities. What if Alice had one of these in Wonderland? Then she would have known where she had been. Still wouldn't have known where she was going.

While we may be a few years away from seeing this in the mainstream, we're there already with the same concept on the back of a truck. Go over to my friends Adam Arrington and John Dudley's site at Earl Dudley. Watch the video here.

This is the same technology (and brand) that are used by over 30 mappers who work for Google Maps that travel all over the U.S. and map the streets and surrounding buildings.  If you've not seen the "street-level" view, go here to my site for a glimpse. Look over on the right side of the page for the photo. If you click on it, you'll be taken to the Google Maps for my office. Enjoy.

WARNING – First time I saw this I moved around for over an hour looking at different places.

Try this location in Google Maps = 27°59'17.62"N 86°55'30.42"E  Let me know when you find out where you are.  I just hope you come back 'ALIVE"! (Link for those who want it.) Oh, and you'll want to click on EARTH to get the 3-D effect.