“Survey Land Twice, Clear-Cut Once”

Survey Land Before Clear Cutting TreesI read an article with the above title that reminded me of surveys I've been involved with over the years. In most cases the land owner hired a logging company to clear cut their property and the loggers got over the property line in their zeal to get the "big trees that were out there." In all the cases, it would have saved the landowner a LOT of money to get the boundary marked by a land surveyor.

    “If you want to be certain and not rely on (assumptions) … it should be properly surveyed,” said Herb Suderman, a real estate attorney.

This is a common occurance in rural areas because of more logging being done there. BUT, this same type problem happens regularly in town by landowners building home additions, driveways, fences, swimming pools, storage buildings over the property line.

Even if you're sure you're not over the property line, there are also easement lines and setback lines on most lots that must be avoided.

Please check your property lines and your property survey drawing before undertaking any building or clearing project. As the cliche' goes, "you can pay me now or pay me later." And, I'll add to that cliche' and say that it always costs you more later.

    “In rural areas because it’s more expensive to survey a large parcel of land, often the surveys are not done,” he said, adding that can cause some “big surprises.”

And, while you probably don't REALLY need to survey twice, at least once is highly recommended before you "clear-cut" your land.